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Whether your child wants to dance competitively or simply explore a passion for dance, the programs taught by our fully qualified faculty have something for everyone.


A Dance Education That Can't Be Beat.

At the JCSOD, we turn budding dancers into passionate students, successful competitors, and skilled professionals. Whether your child wants to dance competitively or simply explore a passion for dance, the programs taught by our fully qualified faculty have something for everyone. We offer RAD ballet exams, recreational / educational classes, part-time and full-time competitive programs, performance opportunities, and teaching exams.

Well known and respected throughout North America, our dance education is recognized as the best in the industry for training the “all-round dancer.” Taught in a fully-equipped studio that’s welcoming and safe, JCSOD classes give students the physical and psychological support they need to grow as dancers and individuals.

Discover our wide range of dance classes below.


Competitive Programs

Learn from the best while training for competition and gaining industry experience. Taught by some of the best educators and choreographers in the dance community, JCSOD’s full-time and part-time competitive dance programs specialize in training the “all-round” dancer. Our competitive teams range from the mini age level to the advanced competitive level and help students develop their technique and performance at a high level. They also allow your child to gain the self-discipline, personal accountability, teamwork skills, and confidence that will help them succeed wherever they go.


Recreational & Educational Classes

Dance for fun while improving physical fitness, enhancing mental strength, and building confidence. Offered in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, and hip hop, our recreational / educational classes give your child the opportunity to develop their technique while learning from our passionate, energetic, and highly-trained instructors. All recreational/educational dancers have the opportunity to showcase their skills in our year-end shows at The Rose Theatre.

Intro Programs

They’re never too young to put their dancing shoes on. For children aged 2½ to 3½, our intro programs consist of 30-minute classes in ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. Designed to introduce your child to the basics of dance, these classes allow students to develop a love for dance and an appreciation for music. All dancers in our intro program must be ready to take classes independently.

Mini Programs

It’s time to take dance to the next level. Developed for dancers aged 4 to 5½, our mini program offers 45-minute classes in jazz, ballet, acrobatics, and tap. After completing a warm up, students focus on learning dance vocabulary, musicality, and combinations.

Junior Programs

Enjoy the same supportive dance instruction at a faster pace. For dancers aged 6, 7, and 8 who are ready for the next level of dance education, our junior programs consist of 45-minute or 60-minute classes in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, and hip hop.

Intermediate & Senior Programs

Build on foundational skills while continuing to dance recreationally. Our intermediate (ages 9 to 11) and senior (ages 11 to 19) programs allow your child to extend their training by learning more advanced technique and performance.


Not sure which genre of dance is the best fit for your child?

Read our descriptions below.



Great for coordination and musicality. Stress is put on the quality of sound, technique and style.


Classes include warm-up, down the floor progressions and combinations in jazz, lyrical, and contemporary styles.

Hip Hop:

A fun, high energy dance form that has its roots in jazz. Hip Hop is street dancing that was made famous in dance music videos.

Classical Ballet (RAD):

The most elementary of all dance instruction consist of barre, work, centre practice, adage and allegro as well as pointe, work for Major level students. Qualified students are entered into R.A.D. exams.


Acro classes consist of the warm up, tricks, balance work and tumbling routines of traditional acrobatics.

Studio Dress Code:

We have a specific dress code for every type of dance. 



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