1. Intro to Jazz will need a lightweight white running shoes, Junior 1 & up will be wearing Bloc Elasta-booty

  2. Intro to Tap & Junior 1,2,3 can wear the Patent Leather Tap Shoes (Velcro or Tie up)

  3. Junior Adv, and ALL other competitive will be wearing the Bloc tie up shoes. All girls may wear any color leotard, tights, jazz pants or appropriate dancewear to Tap, Jazz or Acrobatics classes ( stirrup tights should be worn to Acro classes). Boys may wear any color T-shirt & jazz pants to the above classes.

  4. In Ballet class, the girls must wear pink ballet slippers with elastic, ballet pink bodysuits from Preschool through Primary

  5. Grade 1 through Advanced classes may wear a black, navy or Burgundy bodysuits with pink tights

  6. Grades 1 to 5 must have a character skirt and shoes by the end of October

  7. Intermediate classes and up must have a useable pair of pointe shoes from the start. Intermediate students have until the end of October to get soft blocks

  8. Boys must wear a white T-shirt and navy shorts with white socks and white ballet slippers with elastics .

NOTE: shoulder length hair or longer MUST be tied up for all classes (at the side for acro classes). For ballet every girl must have their hair up and in a bun.

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