Ballet is the building blocks to all forms of dance. Whether Jazz, Contemporary, HipHop, Tap, Lyrical, Acro or Jazz Fusion, their orgins come from the foundation and techniques deeply rooted in classical Ballet.


We offer various Ballet classes:

  • Intro through Grade 1 Foundation programs are once a week
  • Grade 1 Exam classes thru Grade 5 programs are twice a week
  • Intermediate Foundation programs and up, are a minimum of 3 classes per week


To see all other classes offered, download our class schedule



The opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience boosts the self confidence of even the shyest child, and develops in them a sense of self-awareness and accomplishment that can never be taken away.



The demands of learning to physically move hands, arms, legs etc, in co-ordination is wonderfully challenging. Learning to synchronize these movements with a number of other students builds an amazing sense of comradeship and pride not just in oneself but in ones classmates.



A basic understanding of the moods and rhythms of music are developed in learning to dance, This understanding of one of man’s oldest artistic pursuits enables the student to better appreciate the world in which we live, and can lead to the development of a much healthier outlook on life.



A students physical and mental fitness is enhanced by the regular exercise and love of movement which dance gives them. Whether it can be classical moves in ballet, the more contemporary steps of jazz and hip hop or the strenuous activities of acrobatic classes, dance builds a strength of body and character which will be with the student forever.

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